Profile of Putri Ariani, a Blind Singer Wins the AGT Golden Buzzer


TEROPONG-MEDIA.COM | BIOGRAFI - Ariani's daughter suddenly became a conversation. Not only in Indonesia, but also in the United States and in the world. This happened after his successful performance rocked the America's Got Talent 2023 stage, quoted from CORNER ONE.

A video of Putri Ariani's action with her golden voice was uploaded on the America's Got Talent 2023 Youtube channel on June 7, 2023. In her action, the blind girl got a golden buzzer from one of the judges, Simon Cowell.

That means, Princess Ariani has the right to appear on the live stage immediately without going through another selection process. So, who exactly is Princess Ariani?

Princess Ariani is currently known to be 17 years old. He was born in Bangkinang, Kampar, Riau, on December 31, 2005. Putri is the child of the couple Ismawan Kurnianto and Reni Alfianty.

This hijab-wearing girl who now lives in Jogjakarta has had a hobby of singing since she was 4 years old. Since then, he has always participated in various contests or talent search events.

Behind her powerful voice, Putri was born prematurely when her mother was only 6 months old. Not only that, Putri was also sentenced to have Retinopathy of Premature or ROP. That's because the mother experienced placenta previa during pregnancy, in which the entire placenta covers the cervix.

At only 3 months old, Putri was completely blind. However, these limitations did not prevent him from continuing to achieve his dreams in the world of music. Aspiring to be a diva, Putri started her career in singing in 2014 by participating in the Indonesia's Got Talent event and managed to become a champion.

In 2016, Putri received an award in the Baiduri Award as a child singer with national achievements.

In the same year, Putri won 2nd place at the FLS2N national literacy level. He was also a finalist on the second season of The Voice Kids Indonesia.

Putri was then chosen as one of the singers to sing the Official Theme Songs of the 2018 Asian Para Games 'Song of Victory'. In that performance, Putri performed with a number of other well-known Indonesian musicians, such as Once, Armand Maulana, Vidi Aldiano, and Maudy Ayunda.

As her name continues to soar, Putri Ariani routinely covers songs from domestic and international musicians. Putri's cover song was then uploaded to her personal YouTube channel and always received a positive response and support from the public.

Apart from covering songs, Putri has also created dozens of singles since 2020. His first album entitled Seeing With Heart was also released through his YouTube channel. One of his songs, 'Loneliness' he performed on America's Got Talent.

It was the song that fascinated Simon Cowell to the point of pressing the golden buzzer button.

Before performing the song, Putri had said that her biggest challenge as a singer was changing people's mindset that she was a musician, not just an ordinary blind person. “I am indeed blind. But when I sing, I feel like a superstar,” said Putri confidently.

"My dream is to become the biggest diva in the world like Whitney Houston and win a Grammy Award," Putri told the judges.

The beauty of Putri's voice even made Simon Cowell, who is known as a very selective and strict judge, to state that Putri Ariani was one of the best singers on America's Got Talent stage.

"You are one of the best singers in our show," said Simon to Putri Ariani amidst thunderous applause and cheers from the audience. (*)

Putri Ariani Bio

Full name: Ariani Nisma Putri

Stage name: Princess Ariani

Born: Bangkinang, 31 December 2005

Domicile: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Religion: Islam

Father: Ismawan Kurnianto

Mother: Reni Alfianty

Instagram: @arianinismaputri

TikTok: @arianinismaputri

YouTube: @putriarianiofficial

Putri Ariani's Song

The following is a list of Putri Ariani's songs:

"Untuk Ayah" (2018)

"I love Mama n Papa" (2018)

"Song of Victory" (2018)

"Perih" (2020)

"Melesat" (2020)

"Kaulah Selalu Ada" (2021)

"Loneliness" (2021)

"Jang Ganggu" (2021)

"Kamu Lagi" (2022)

"Kidung Kelana" (2022)

"Takdir Ini" (2022)

"Tak Mampu Lupa" (2022)

"Aku Mau" (2022)

"Bertahan tak Sejalan" (2022)

"Mimpi" (2022)

"Menantimu Kembali" (2022)

"Banyak Makna Cinta" (2022)

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